How to enable email automation

You have worked on your email and the time has come to enable all your outbound messages. To enable outbound messages to make sure you follow the steps below.

Log into your Social Good Software account.

Click on the Email Designer on the left side of the navigation.

Email Designer

Find the template which you would like to enable the outbound messages for. In this example, it’s “Tickets Sold Today”.

Select your email template

Click on the “Settings” option on the top of the navigation.

Click on the Email Template Settings icon

In the settings section, you will see the option to enable automation. Click on the “Enable” tab and click on the “Save Settings” button.

Once you enable the email automation. The Social Good Software application will monitor the query you built and send out emails every 5 minutes on your behalf. No further action is required from you.

You can always check the emails sent by the system by going to the “Sent” tab on the top of the navigation.

Email sent tab