How to import Altru Events into Google Calendar

Learn how to import your custom Altru Calendar created by the Calendar Builder application into Google Calendar.

You must have created a Calendar before you can export the calendar into Google Calendar. If you have not created your calendar go ahead and create it first.

Make sure you are logged into your Google Account with your calendar open. You can access the calendar application by visiting this link.

On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see the “Other Calendars” tab go ahead and click on it. You will get a couple of options select the “From URL” option.

Select the “From URL” option

You will need the link to the URL for the calendar and the calendar name. Let’s first start with the URL for the calendar. Go and find your calendar inside the Calendar Builder and click on the Share tab.

Click on the “Share” tab for your calendar

Then you are going to want to click on the “Copy Link” button to bring over the URL for the calendar by pasting into the “From URL” field.

Copy and paste the URL into the From URL field

Once you click on the Add Calendar button your calendar events will get imported into your Google Calendar.

Please be patient as it can take up to 25 minutes for the events to show up. The time varies based on Google’s servers.

Events inside the calendar

Once you see your events in Google Calendar they will be automatically synced from the Calendar Builder application.

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